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Have you ever Spilled Water on your mousepad?

Our argonpads Speed are 100% water resistant, we have done tests with water, cola, tea and much more!

the bigger the better


XXL = 90 x 40cm / 900 x 400mm (35,4 x 15,7 inch)
3XL = 120 x 60cm / 1200 x 60mm (47,2 x 23,6 inch)
4XL = 140 x 70cm / 1400 x 700m (55,1 x 27,5 inch)

Whats the difference between speed and control pad?

Control Pad gives you good control over precision/accuracy. Gives you more control over your mouse movement. The control pad has a rough texture.

Speed Pad provides you a fast movement, therefore you'll have a good reaction time. It offers the same incredible tracking and precision as a control pad but with slightly less drag when gliding the mouse at high speed. The texture is very smooth.