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The smooth control balanced surface is precisely engineered to provide optimal tracking performance for optical and laser gaming mice. The smooth, frictionless surface ensures that your mouse glides effortlessly, allowing quick and accurate movements. I has the perfect size of 49x42cm (490 x 420mm) with a thickness of 3,5 mm.

Size: 49x42cm (19.2 x 16.5 inch)
Thickness: 3,5mm

Surface: Micro-woven textured
Base: Polyurethane Foam
Style: Balance


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PERFORMANCE - argonpads


Our smooth surface gives you perfect control over your mouse. In addition, our mouse pads are durable and have a very high quality.

PROTOTYPE - argonpads

Say goodbye to sliding mousepads

The non-slip polo foam bottom prevents any unwanted movement, allowing you to focus on your work without any distractions. Say goodbye to slipping and sliding mousepads and hello to a reliable, non-slip solution.