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High accuracy and speed as well as maximum comfort with argonpads personalized mouse pads in different sizes and various intense colors. Our mousepads are suitable for normal daily work on a notebook or PC as well as for gaming. It is specially intended for gamers who for example attach great importance to accuracy, comfort and speed. We offer our stable mousepads in different sizes and various colors so that our customers can use them comfortably for everyday use as well as for gaming.


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the bigger the better


XXL = 90 x 40cm / 900 x 400mm (35,4 x 15,7 inch)
3XL = 120 x 60cm / 1200 x 600mm (47,2 x 23,6 inch)
4XL = 140 x 70cm / 1400 x 700m (55,1 x 27,5 inch)

Whats the difference between speed and control pad?

Control Pad gives you good control over precision/accuracy. Gives you more control over your mouse movement. The control pad has a rough texture.

Speed Pad provides you a fast movement, therefore you'll have a good reaction time. It offers the same incredible tracking and precision as a control pad but with slightly less drag when gliding the mouse at high speed. The texture is very smooth.